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Development Plan

ADCA Three Year Development Plan – April 2022

As ADCA reached its 10th birthday in 2021, we started to put together a new Development Plan.

Our community-wide consultation asked what people want from us as they look ahead into the future. We asked what services we need to keep, and expand, and what new services people would like to see us introducing.

The Development Plan has now been approved by the ADCA Trustees.

Read the full Development Plan 2022.

Highlights from the consultation

  • Respondents are highly satisfied with existing ADCA services:
  • Respondents want existing services for older people to continue:
  • Respondents want existing services for carers to continue:
  • Respondents support the introduction of planned new services:
  • Respondents put forward ideas for new services specifically for people living with dementia:
new ideas dementia

Respondents put forward ideas for other new activities and services that they would welcome:

new ideas general

How the Development Plan will unfold

The Plan comes into effect in October 2022, and by the end of the first year ADCA aims to achieve six clear goals.

Six key goals for the first year of the plan:

first year plan

In the second and third year we will be guided by the outcomes of the first year, feedback we receive and funding opportunities available to us, aiming to respond flexibly and sustainably to emerging needs in the community.

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