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This survey was carried out in the first quarter of 2013 by Audlem PC and ADCA with excellent support from Cheshire East. The following summary is an extract from the full report.

The full questionnaire and report can be loaded from the links below.

Affordable Housing

  • 416 surveys returned from 810 households, an excellent 51% return rate
  • 68% of people in support of small development of affordable housing
  • 29 existing households require alternative accommodation of which 24 would require subsidised ownership or rented accommodation
  • reasons given include, 10 requiring smaller accommodation; 6 needing to be closer to a carer or dependent; 6 needing a cheaper home; 6 requiring level or adapted accommodation; 4 needing independent accommodation
  • 40 current Audlem respondents wish to form a new household inside Cheshire East within the next 5 years, many of them locally
  • 29 ex-Audlem residents might move back into Audlem parish if affordable housing were available
  • Of these potential total 98 new households, at least 37 would need subsidised ownership or rental properties
  • Of these, a majority are sons or daughters of a current residents but a significant number are older or disabled people needing such accommodation

Thornton House

  • 80% of the 316 respondents answering this question are in favour of Thornton House redevelopment continuing to have communal facilities to provide a base for community support
  • 68% of respondents are in favour of having additional apartments over and above the current 8 bedsits to provide for older or vulnerable adults
  • 39 respondents said they, or a member of their household, would be interested in subsidised ownership to an affordable level with Thornton House redevelopment
Audlem 2013 Questionnaire
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Housing Needs Survey 2013 Audlem
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